Job Spec

Produce a strategy to simultaneously connect with alumni across professional career networks and forums, while engaging the same audience across 'lighter' social channels to stimulate support and turnout at physical events.

What we did

Twitter Engagement increased by 2,532% within two months of Socialee taking on the project

We took full control of our client's daily social media management, posting, social listening and analytics. Our initial aims were to grow our client's audience and increase engagement. 

We implemented campaigns across various social platforms; our digital content and visual marketing campaigns significantly increased turnout at physical events as well as increasing Twitter Engagement by 2,532% within two months. 

Our initial audit identified the gaps in our client's professional social networks; the information gained via our audit allowed us to spark debate within our client's LinkedIn channels leading to a 1,428% increase in one LinkedIn group's membership within two months. 

Our digital content and visual marketing campaigns significantly increased turnout at the Alumni Association’s physical events

Our Social Listening soon identified a further deficit in the exchange of information between our client's recent and mature alumni. 

As a result we worked to create an alumni-to-alumni career mentoring programme, run via LinkedIn.

The programme provided a space for recent graduates to receive mentoring from successful alumni and to network and has developed into a large, vibrant professional online community. 

Our work with the Alumni Association demonstrates that we are not content with letting our client's accounts 'tick by'. We constantly assess, re-assess and update our social strategies and tactics and thrive on finding new ways to increase out client's reach, engagement and exceed their social and digital marketing goals.

Customer Testimonial 

“I can’t recommend Victoria [Socialee Media Director] enough. She has truly exceeded my expectations and successfully demonstrated social media’s potential. I now consider it a key part of my marketing toolkit.”
— Sarah Phillips, Marketing and Communications Manager, The Alumni Association

Note: All packages are tailored to meet client's individual needs.