Automating Your Agency for More Leads is a Must!
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Automating Your Agency for More Leads is a Must!

Companies worldwide have sought ways to automate their processes, reduce repetitive tasks, and concentrate on what is important for business development for decades. Manufacturers use automated equipment to increase production speed, while restaurateurs use self-ordering apps to collect orders. But, does automation help a digital agency looking to improve lead generation?

This article has the answer to your question.

Continue reading to learn about different automation strategies that can help you concentrate on marketing activities for clients and not marketing your agency. Here are the reasons and how.

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First, take some time to review the workflow of your digital marketing agency. Then identify areas that need improvement. Here are some of the biggest obstacles that agencies face when retaining and gaining clients.

  • Although you can attract qualified leads, they are often not qualified.
  • It isn’t easy to build brand recognition and trust for your agency.
  • It isn’t easy to rank for keywords relevant to search results. SEO activities can take hours of your time.
  • You cannot keep up with your follow-ups because of the time involved in outreach.
  • You have no time to do other things while managing your clients.

These symptoms may be familiar to you. Are you able to identify a deficiency in any of these areas? This signifies that your agency needs automation to improve lead acquisition and give your team back their precious time. For more information and suggestions, please read on.

Automation strategies for lead acquisition by agencies

This is how you can easily acquire and keep qualified leads.

High-quality leads can be identified

Traffic is just a vanity metric. It’s the qualified audience who matters to your business. It is best to target those who are most likely to become clients. This may mean reducing traffic volumes.

It is difficult to find and reach out to quality leads. There are solutions that will make it easier.

Before you can generate promising leads on autopilot, there’s something you need to do: Create a client persona. This will ensure that your lead-acquisition activities are in line with your audience’s preferences and needs.

Once you have the data you need, you can automate processes;

  • Listing your agency on a hub like Digital Agency Network is a great way to reach your ideal customers who are searching for solutions to their problems. The presence of your agency in a niche-specific hub can help you be found and bring in business opportunities. DAN attracts more than 290k companies looking to hire agencies every month. It’s no surprise that DAN has become the primary lead acquisition channel for digital marketers agencies around the world.
  • Automated lead scoring allows you to sort the quality leads from other traffic, without having to analyze their activity patterns. Sendinblue or SALESmanago tools will allow you to skip the identification phase and get straight to nurturing potential customers.

Trust builds

You must learn how to distinguish yourself from your fierce competitors as a marketing agency. Social proof is the most powerful and effective way to achieve this.

Your agency will benefit from reviews and recommendations. This will increase trust and help you gain new clients. While personal recommendations are best, 70% people will trust recommendations made by people they don’t know.

It is therefore crucial to gather reviews online:

  • You can send time-triggered emails to your clients. Ask them to leave reviews on your Facebook or Google My Business profiles. Intercom and Hiver are two options for automating email.
  • You can automatically distribute the reviews across multiple channels. Potential clients may be looking at different places to verify the credibility of your agency. Although Facebook and Google My Business are obvious options, there may be others that don’t reach your profile on these marketing platforms. It’s important to not overlook any source of lead acquisition. Arrivala makes it easy for clients to leave reviews on all of your review platforms.

Relevant keywords rank

Your most sought-after keyword if you are a Philadelphia digital agency is “digital agency Philadelphia”. There are two ways to get the top spot in search results.

A content marketer who has extensive experience in SEO can produce tons of content and link-building activities to rank for the keywords you want. Although it’s a great way to get there, you will need to rank for your desired keywords in Google for months.

There is a way to quickly get in the Google ranks. Your agency can be listed in directories that are location-based and already rank for the desired keywords. DAN is one example.

Speed up outreach

Outreach is one of most effective methods for lead acquisition. According to a LinkedIn study 62% of marketers believe that LinkedIn outreach activities have successfully generated leads.

Although the number is impressive, outreach can take up to hours of your team’s work. It’s a good idea to automate at most a portion of outreach.

You have many options to reach prospects on a large scale and send personalized (and automated) messages. Follow-ups and messages. Expandi, Zopto and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator are the most popular.

Keep clients

If you don’t take care of client retention, even the most automated lead generation process won’t work. You don’t want new leads generated on repeat because you are losing clients, but because you want to slowly grow your agency.

Here are the parts of client retention that you can automate:

  • This automated social media reporting solution is perfect for teams who spend hours creating social media performance reports each week or month. Automated reports that include key metrics can be scheduled and sent by email to clients or other stakeholders. This will allow you to save time.
  • You can automatically collect customer feedback and then take action on identified needs, preferences and obstacles. To speed up the process, you can use online surveys.
  • Automated win-back emails can help you win back clients who have lost their trust. Send an email to past clients three to two months after the project is completed. Ask about their current challenges, and summarize the areas where your agency can help.

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