Best Sports Marketing Agencies in Britain
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Best Sports Marketing Agencies in Britain

Digital marketing is crucial for modern sports clubs and federations. As the industry changes, many sports executives find innovative ways to reach and interact with their fans. They also create multiple revenue streams through a variety of digital activities. We have compiled a list of the top UK sports marketing agencies for your consideration.

The rise of digital marketing has been a significant factor in the success of the London 2012 Summer Olympics and its effect on business.

Many brands and companies offer sports products, making it difficult to create a successful sports marketing campaign. There is a way out. The UK’s top sports agencies and companies should collaborate to develop effective sports marketing strategies.

Sports marketing agencies offer a wide variety of online marketing services, including SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing, and even creating a custom marketing strategy for your sports institution. The way supporters perceive and interact with teams has changed through digital marketing. This is also an important part of sports marketing. Keep reading to discover the top sports marketing agencies in the UK.

Best Marketing Agencies for the UK Sports Industry

Let’s look at the top UK sports marketing agencies that have the experience and expertise to help you grow your business.

  1. Hallam
  2. Evoluted
  3. Prototype creative
  4. Pixelated
  5. Absolute Agency


Hallam is a top London sports marketing agency with extensive services. Since 1999, they have combined strategic thinking, creativity, and technological expertise to create integrated digital marketing strategies that achieve the only result that matters: commercial success.

Virtual Runner – a company that allows clients to participate in competitive running without the need to be at a particular location or at a certain time. Hallam is a virtual runner who helps business owners grow their businesses and gives them the opportunity to regain control of their lives. Their strategy revolved around identifying the most automated operations. They found ways to make race reminders more understandable. They designed and built a simple but effective way for each race to submit proof.


Evolution, based in Sheffield, is a multi-award winning digital agency with offices in London and Birmingham. Their specialties include digital design, web development, as well as digital marketing. The team provides digital marketing services, custom web development and digital design services for large UK companies and multinational corporations.

Evoluted employees are professional and approachable. They care deeply about the success of their clients and develop long-lasting relationships that are based on mutual success through honesty and openness. They are also well-known for their work with UK sports companies. Evolution could be your best choice as a sports marketing agency.

OriGym, a well-known supplier of industry-accredited personal trainers and specialty fitness courses in the UK, came to Evoluted to build their website. They then hired them to manage their SEO strategy. Highly targeted keyword research, on-page optimizations, technical updates and focused conversion rate optimization have all contributed to OriGym’s increased organic traffic, lead generation and sales.


Prototype Creative, a digital agency that offers full services, has over a decade of expertise. Prototype Creative is also well-known for their industry expertise and service. Prototype Creative is a great choice if you’re looking for a UK sports marketing company.

Prototype Creative employs the best industry practices and technology to help clients succeed and make the most of their work. Their workplace culture encourages regular training and professional development for your benefit, as well as that of their employees.

Freeman Fitness, an online coaching firm in the UK, focuses on results. Over 1000 people have been helped to achieve their body transformation goals by Freeman Fitness. Prototype Creative created a sign-up form to give their clients more information and to attract new customers. Then they developed a recipe input form which not only looks great but also integrates with Google Recipe View. Calls to Action were placed all over the site in order to cross-sell or acquire data.


Pixelated is a prominent UK digital agency that has offices in three cities: London, Birmingham and Manchester. Their expertise was provided to many clients, including agencies and startups, as well as multinational companies in a range of industries, including sports companies. Pixelated could be the sports marketing company you’re looking for.

The senior team has a lot of experience in working on groundbreaking campaigns and projects. You can be sure that your work won’t be handed to someone younger. Pixelated is proud of the incredible results they have achieved so far. From more leads and app downloadings to increased income and traffic, Pixated has many happy customers.

They are not like any other agency. Their structure is different, which allows them more flexibility and agility while scaling up. Their goal is simple: to assist sports companies in growth and deliver tangible results that can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Absolute Agency

Absolute is a UK-based creative and digital agency that specializes in sports marketing. They have been in the business of what they do for many years and offer a complete integrated solution that includes brand strategy, development and performance as well as communication. Absolute’s mission to their clients is to achieve extraordinary results through the use of strategy, creativity and innovation to build their brands.

After the success of three previous Christmas retail campaigns, Manchester City Football Club asked Absolute for the campaign concept and deliverables for its USA Tour 2018.

The campaign’s overall objective was to raise awareness and excitement about the pre-season tour, as well as continue to grow Manchester City’s brand in the United States. The concept needed to work in the pre-tour advertising and be flexible enough to be used in a multi-channel campaign in each one of their three US cities.

Absolute designed a consistent, impactful campaign device. They incorporated the circular City badge into winner’s medals. This was flexible enough to be used across many channels and deliverables. To ensure maximum impact during and after the tour, they designed a variety of campaign deliverables in a short time span. These included social media, roller banners, bus and airplane livery, supporter flags, luxury suites, and supporter flags.

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