Big Positive Digital Transformation Trends
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Big Positive Digital Transformation Trends

As we all adapted to the idea of working, socializing, and teaching our children online due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people were able to access online technology. The digital plan for next year will include sustainability and social values, which are very important in the same way people have started to rethink and re-evaluate their values.

Trend 1: The rise of e-commerce is back

Thread-up’s 2020 report estimates that the value of the second-hand market will exceed $64 billion by 2024. The COVID-19 crisis has given an impetus to resale, which is where people sell their unwanted possessions. Because of the financial crisis, many consumers have had to tighten their budgets. Some will have to rethink their purchasing habits due to a change in their values. Before the pandemic, climate change and over-consumption have become more pressing issues.

Trend 2: Brands that live by their social values

Brands will have to consider their social values and find authentic ways to communicate them to succeed in 2021.

Today’s consumers care deeply about the environment, society and the planet. These issues are important to consumers today. If your brand doesn’t have a clear position on them, it should. This is because brands with the highest ‘meaningful’ content KPIs see their overall impressions rise, compared to 42% of brands that are less meaningful to consumers.

Trend 3: Too cool for school? Personalized online education

One of the silver linings from the year of the pandemic was the remarkable strides made by online learning. Remote classrooms were the norm, as schools closed and lecture halls were locked down. Adults with more time discovered that they could learn anything – from languages and cookery skills to playing the ukulele and cooking – online via live streaming classes, distance learning apps or Zoom sessions.

Most importantly, e-learning will become more personalized. It will not matter where you are located or what time it is. You can create an education plan that’s data-informed and tailored to your learning style and preferences.

Trend 4: Voice will Rule the Household

We predict that voice technology will replace touch in the search process as it becomes more sophisticated, trusted and accepted over the next year.

More people will be able to afford or consider adding a family member in the next year. It’s one who will listen to your every word, and obey every command.

Voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant are not slowing down. This study shows that more UK families consider their voice assistants to be ‘another member of the family’. 91% expect to continue using voice technology at the same or higher level.

Trend 5: Brands need to step up their game

Games are an attractive way for brands to connect with customers. Marketers have the opportunity to engage with targeted, highly-focused audiences. The creative possibilities are endless. A type of product placement known as “skinning” allows gamers to dress up their avatars in Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and a host other fashion brands. Over the next year, expect more businesses to incorporate gaming into their marketing mix.

Gaming has always been free from the image of the lonely teenage boy in his bedroom, usually a male, with their console as company. Gaming is no longer the domain of the isolated. It has also become the new social network.

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