Why my 2-Year-Old Social Media Agency Has Never Been on Social Media


Socialee Media, my Social Media and Content Marketing Agency, has finally got a social media presence. Yippee! To celebrate I want to share with you how and why I built a successful social media agency with NO social media presence.

I am an accidental entrepreneur. 

When people ask how or why I wanted to start my own business, I say, "I didn't, it just kind of... started itself."

For the last two years I have run a successful Social Media and Content Marketing Consultancy.

However, my SOCIAL MEDIA Consultancy, Socialee Media, has never had a SOCIAL MEDIA presence.

You're probably thinking: 'HUH!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?'

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Over the past few days we've finally launched a Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn presence for Socialee Media. 

To celebrate this milestone I've decided to tell you how I managed to establish and build a successful social marketing consultancy for two years without ANY social media presence.

An odd thing happened

And as odd things do, it changed my life.

I had back surgery. A few months previously, I'd left my job as a Digital Journalist at the Daily Mirror and gone travelling.

For someone with a life-long dodgy back this turned out to be a bad decision and I quickly found myself back home on an NHS operating table.

Jobless and recovering from major surgery I emailed every one I had ever worked for, explained my situation and asked if there was any work they could throw my way to keep me busy while I recovered.

My background as a Digital Journalist, in both freelance and permanent positions, meant I had a lot of media industry contacts.

I got lots of encouraging replies, the game-changing one from a lovely ex-employer; her marketing department was lost when it came to social media and desperately needed someone with digital marketing know-how to generate and put into action a social media and content marketing strategy. I gratefully accepted the challenge.


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Content Marketing

My work in Digital Journalism - especially on the Daily Mirror's Digital Team - had given me a good chunk of Coding, SEO and Social Marketing knowledge that I was now able to leverage.

Within one month of starting on the project, my ex / new employer's blog traffic had increased by 235%. Within two months their Twitter engagement had increased by 2,532%. Needless to say she was pretty chuffed!

Powerful word-of mouth marketing

Just as I was getting back on my feet post-op, ready to look for a 'real job', two new clients popped up - both on the back of word-of-mouth recommendations. I took them on.

It wasn't long before I realised I was making almost as much money as I would if I went back to a 'real job'.

I realised I was making as much money as I would if I went back to a ‘real job’

Working for myself didn't have the security of a 'real job', but I was my own boss and I was directly responsible to my clients.

Every one of my projects was (and is) my baby. Then, as now, I loved getting to know new clients and their business, guiding my carefully crafted strategies and being responsible for projects that reaped brilliant results.

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Hello Socialee Media

It was then that under the leadership of me, Victoria Lee, Queen of Puns, that Socialee Media was born.

Over the past few years Socialee Media has grown from me + sick bed + laptop, to me + laptop + a virtual team of content creators and producers + a lovely bunch of clients.

But: still without a business social media presence...

Time to Go Social?

A few months ago two potential clients in a row turned down our strategy proposals. They said that although they'd heard great things about us, they were worried by our lack of social media presence.

Our social media (or lack of) had been worrying me for a while but due to lack of time I hadn't acted. Now it had become a real issue.

Busy Socialee Bee

Over the past few months I've spent my spare time (ha! Spare time!) prepping to do as I preach... and now finally, Socialee Media is ready to 'Go Social'. 

Going social on a client's behalf is a huge amount of fun (did I mention, I love my job?!) but going social on my company's behalf is terrifying!

I'd love for you to join Socialee Media on the next steps of our journey and connect with us using the buttons below.

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Victoria Lee

Founder and Managing Director, Socialee Media


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