How to make your business a social media success: #1 Never be a Jack of all Trades

Identify your brand's specialism and make this your absolute, undying focus.

Why do you personally use Twitter? Do you follow your favourite tech companies? Find out what big celebs have to say? Or gobble up the content shared by leading experts in your field? 

We all use Twitter for different reasons, but our interests dictate which businesses, brands and individuals we Follow.

The Socialee Media Twitter account, @GoSocialee, shares social media and content marketing tips (our business) and news and advice for start ups and established businesses (our customers).

We regularly check Twitter Analytics to ensure that the content we publish is in line with our audiences' interests:

Taken from @GoSocialee's Twitter Analytics

Taken from @GoSocialee's Twitter Analytics

Our Follower base is principally made up of fellow digital and social marketers, and small businesses and start-ups looking for digital marketing and tech tips and advice.

If we spent a solid day tweeting Kitten GIFs the vast majority of our followers would (should!) unfollow us; that's not what they signed up for when they clicked our 'Follow' button.

We do not Tweet this.

We do not Tweet this.

Sharing content that does not in someway refer to our trade or our followers' interest (e.g. trying to be a Jack of all Trades) would cause us to become a spectacular Social Media failure. Not something a Social Media Consultancy desires...

Identify your brand's specialism then utilise that focus to build a solid, dedicated and engaged following around your Twitter brand.

Here's how:

1. Stick to who you are

If you're a beauty business tweet on beauty. If you an insurance company tweet about insurance.

2. Whoever you are, never be dull

So your brand sells microphone's? Or kitchens? This doesn't mean you have to be dull.  Give your brand a voice - be it funny, witty or cheesy.

Just check out this list of brands who have made it their business to be awesome on Twitter. Our favourite is Pizza joint, @DiGiornoPizza whose humorous response to real time trending events has got them 92.6K followers to date.

3. Put on your business hat when you Tweet

Successful brands on Twitter are experts within their respective fields. They have used their industry expertise to gain their audience's trust and loyalty. They didn't get to where they are by mixing professional tweets with the latest Arsenal v Chelsea score.

4. You can't be everything to everybody

The Twitter world is made up of hundreds of thousands of people with interests ranging from Harry Potter Fan Fiction to the Japanese Stock Market. Try to be everything to everybody and you will end up as nothing to nobody.

5. Don't fear losing followers

Better build up a small, strong tribe of engaged followers than a floundering mass of uninterested, inactive followers.

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