Job Spec

Raise brand awareness via Content Marketing. Produce sharable multi-media digital content and integrate Content and Social Media Marketing to grow the client's customer-base.

What we did

Following our strategic advice our client decided to leverage content marketing to raise awareness of their brand.  

Content marketing and social media marketing are dependent on each other for success; we started by building sharable content within the brand's blog. 

We established partnerships in order to increase interactive and multi-media elements on our client's site. This move led to increased social media sharing of the brand blog's content and therefore increased awareness of brand among their target audience.

Within two months our focus on ‘sharable’ content led to a 252% increase in the number of people ‘Talking About’ our client on Facebook.

We employed the carrot and stick (persuade and engage) strategy; this involved engaging our client's audience through sharable multi-media blog content, and using the brand blog to demonstrate our client's expertise and build brand loyalty and trust. We leveraged this increased awareness, trust and loyalty to develop a social media community around out client's brand.

From this community we identified highly influential individuals and turned them into brand advocates (90% of advocates write something positive about their purchasing experience and 92% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by online testimonials.)

Within two months our focus on 'sharable content' led to a 252% increase in the number of people 'Talking About' our client on Facebook.

(The 'Talking About' figure reflects the number of users who have: Like our client's Facebook page, posted to the page wall, Liked a post, commented on a post, shared a post, RSVP-ed to a page event, mentioned the page in a post, tagged the page in a photo, written a recommendation - and more.)

From a technical and maintenance perspective, we worked with the editorial team to maintain the new writer management system and relationships with the multi-media partners established in the strategy stage. We helped our client to to hire a social media manager who would work with the editorial team and help the client's online community to grow via the content marketing strategy delivered via the brand blog. 

Packages employed

Note: All packages are tailored to meet client's individual needs.