Burnout can cost your real agency money
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Burnout can cost your real agency money

Do you work constantly, have no sleep and never turn off your computer? This can lead to burnout. It is false to think that a constant state of work will result in more work.

This can be traced back the Industrial Revolution principles: More product = more production. These principles are misguided, and can be dangerous if applied to humans.

Your employees and you will be less productive if you have a “hustle culture”

Burnout or ‘workplace stress’ can be costly. It can cost anywhere from $125 billion to $190 billion a year.

According to the World Health Organization, burnout can be described as “a condition that results from chronic workplace stress that hasn’t been managed effectively.” It has three dimensions.

1) Feelings of energy exhaustion or depletion

2) Increased mental distance from the job or negative feelings about one’s job.

3) Reduced professional effectiveness. Burnout is a term that refers to a specific phenomenon in an occupational context. It should not be used to describe other aspects of life.

Sometimes, a short break can be the best thing

It can be difficult to keep up with the high workload of an agency. It is possible to take a break from the pressure of that work load.

It is the best way to do more work than you are doing now.

Now, open your jaw and let your shoulders drop. Take a deep, long, slow breath in.

Autonomy and positive reinforcement

Positive feedback can help you motivate and engage your coworkers and employees. Negative feelings and cynicism are two of the main characteristics of burnout. You can combat these feelings with positive reinforcement and autonomy.

When they do something well, tell your coworkers and employees. Give constructive criticism when needed.

Positive workplace feelings can be improved by giving workers more control over their tasks and jobs. A workforce can be motivated and inspired by trusting them to prioritize their time.

Take a walk

AntiSocial Solutions is fortunate to have a dog-friendly area where we can interact with furry colleagues who remind us that it’s not so bad to go around the block. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress. Walking can help you get through any problems.

Walking is a great way to feel better, and improve productivity whether you work at home or in the office.

Encourage employees to take breaks from their desks.

Breathe in and out

Deep breathing exercises can be done even if you don’t have the time to go outside for ten minutes. Breathing slowly and deeply sends a signal that everything is fine to your central nervous system, which can help calm your mind.

The 4-7-8 Method: Close your eyes, and inhale deeply. Deepen your breath through your nose and count to 4. For 7 counts, hold your breath. Next, hold your breath for a count of 7. Repeat.

Mental calm is achieved by using the 4-7-8 technique. Don’t panic if you are unable to hold your breath for that long. This ratio is more important that the length of seconds. Instead, try 2-3.5-4.

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