21 May, 2024
9 mins read

What Reasons Mobile Apps Are Failing and How Can You Avoid These Mistakes?

App failure is something we all know. The most striking statistic about app success is its rarity. Recent research shows that 0.5% and 13% of app apps for consumers are successful. Does this mean that creating an app for your company is futile? It’s not. People use smartphones primarily through apps. App development is a smart business […]

6 mins read

Automating Your Agency for More Leads is a Must!

Companies worldwide have sought ways to automate their processes, reduce repetitive tasks, and concentrate on what is important for business development for decades. Manufacturers use automated equipment to increase production speed, while restaurateurs use self-ordering apps to collect orders. But, does automation help a digital agency looking to improve lead generation? This article has the […]

7 mins read

AI to manage projects

Digital agencies are innovators, and it’s not surprising that there is a lot of excitement about AI’s potential transformation. Are we running before AI can walk? You wouldn’t get behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle if you didn’t know how to drive it, even if you had AI-enabled. No car company claims to have […]