Email marketing: the straightforward way to grow your business
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Email marketing: the straightforward way to grow your business

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an example of direct marketing. It uses personalized emails to inform your email list of your products or services. Email marketing can persuade your email list to perform a specific action, such as purchasing or booking a demonstration.

Take a look at the most comprehensive guide on email marketing available online.

This is a digital strategy that works. Email marketing is a powerful tool for converting prospects into customers. It can also turn one-time customers into repeat customers or raving fans.

Email marketing has consistently been the most effective and direct way to connect with your leads. It nurtures them and turns them into customers.

This guide will walk you through setting up an email marketing funnel to generate leads and sales 24/7.

This guide is for people ready to commit to email marketing. You may need clarification and want to read this guide about why you should build an email list right now!

This guide will help you understand how to use email marketing.

  1. How to create an email list of buyers and leads that are targeted.
  2. How to maximize your email open rate and click-through rate (CTR)
  3. How to automate your information nurturing process and turn prospects into customers.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Email marketing is a big topic, but we must cover why it’s crucial to your business. Now let’s discuss that.

Email remains the best way to nurture leads.

Here are three reasons why email marketing should be a priority for you.

1. Email is still the most popular communication tool. Did you also know that 99% of people check their emails daily? This is not true of any other form of communication.

2. Your list is yours. You can delete it at any time and for any reason. You own your list. You own your email list.

3. Email marketing is more effective. It converts people better. Email recipients spend 138% higher than those who don’t receive emails. Email Marketing has an ROI (returns on investment) of 4400%. That’s huge! If you wonder if social media is even more effective, think again. The average order value for an email will be at least three times higher than that of social media.

Email marketing is the most effective way to increase sales online. Now that you understand its importance let’s look at the best ways of using email marketing.

Email Marketing Glossary

Email marketing is a confusing term. But don’t worry! You can easily plan your email strategy using our simple email marketing glossary.

Subscriber Anyone who has signed up to receive emails from you

Opt-in (verb): Choosing to Receive Marketing Emails from a Person, Brand, or Business

Optin (noun); An incentive to get people to sign up for your mailing list.

List: a group of email subscribers. A list can contain several groups or segments.

Group: A category of subscribers in a list created by a brand or business

Segment A variety of subscribers is created automatically based on subscription activity, such as engagement rate, purchase histories, timezones, etc.

Automation A series of pre-written emails that are sent automatically as a response to an action taken by a subscriber, such as abandonment cart automation. Also known as email sequences or autoresponders

Broadcast: A one-time message that you send to groups on your list. Also known as announcements, newsletters, promotions

Opt-in Form: A signup form that allows visitors to join your mailing list. Optin states can take many forms, including popups, fullscreen, sliding, floating, and sliders.

Landing page: this is a standalone page that contains an opt-in form for people to join your email list.

Email Marketing: How it Works

Want to know how you can get started with Email Marketing? Email marketing has many moving parts, but it can be simple. Here’s a breakdown of how it works…

1. You can only launch an email marketing campaign if there is someone to whom you can send it. Remember that email marketing will only work if your list contains the right of people.

You need to capture email addresses to build your list. OptinMonster is the best tool for this.

OptinMonster has become the leading lead generation software in the world. Our software allows businesses to create beautiful optin campaigns within minutes, with no coding required.

Using our advanced targeting rules, you can display these campaigns at the perfect time for the customer journey.

You can dramatically increase your business’ profits by increasing your list of quality leads. Plus, OptinMonster is integrated with more than 30 email service providers.

Improve your list with better leads today!BONUS: Done-For You Campaign Setup ($297 Value) Our conversion experts will design one free campaign to help you get the best results.

2. Add an email service provider: An email service provider (ESP) allows you to segment your audience, organize your list, and distribute your email campaigns to your audiences. You can track the results and improve future campaigns.

An ESP that integrates with other marketing tools will allow you to automate your lead generation.

We make selecting the best email service provider that suits your needs and goals easy. This guide will give you a list of our top ESPs later.

It’s only a matter of fine-tuning your list and messaging to reach your audience. You’ll also be able to set up automation in your email services, making life much easier.

Growing Your Email List

Most people who want to build an email list put an opt-in form on their site and hope people will sign up. This strategy could be more effective.

Making a compelling email offer to grow your list would be best. It would help if you had a Lead Magnet.

Lead magnets (also known as option bribes) are fantastic things you give away for free in exchange for an email address. A lead magnet (an opt-in bribe or opt-in bribe) is a freebie you offer in exchange for your email address. Lead magnets don’t need to be expensive to create. You can easily make them using digital files like MP3 audio or videos.

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