How can videos increase your conversion rate?
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How can videos increase your conversion rate?

Are your high-quality videos driving traffic to your website but not conversions? If you answered yes, you are not alone. This is a problem that many business owners and marketers face.

If you don’t convert new visitors to paying customers, traffic acquisition won’t be profitable.

The pandemic has forced many companies to move their business online. Your website must be optimized as best as possible. Keep an eye out for optimization opportunities.

Your ongoing optimization strategy should include video marketing and content marketing. These tips will help you increase your videos’ views and generate more leads.

Why is video marketing so important?

Because users prefer video marketing over static images and text, video marketing is very popular. Video content can be informative and entertaining. This is why it has easily surpassed other types of content in user consumption.

A good video marketing strategy and well-placed video content can increase conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. However, it is more than creating compelling videos to drive conversion. Your video could be taking up valuable space on your website, without generating sales or profit.

Strategies to optimize the video conversion rate

Apart from posting your content to YouTube and your website, you need to implement a solid video marketing plan. Let’s look at some strategies to increase video conversion rates.

Optimize Video Placement

It is important to choose the right platform or channel to post your video content. This could be your social media, YouTube or landing page for your company.

Subscription-based businesses may be able to generate more sales by placing videos on their landing pages. eCommerce retailers, on the other hand, can place video content on product pages. Don’t rely on social media platforms to determine where your videos should be placed.

Optimize Video Type

It is crucial to make the content your audience likes in order to optimize video conversion rates. You can upload different types of videos: explainers, explainers and company culture videos. Customer reviews and product tutorials are also available.

Video CRO strategies can benefit from A/B testing. To collect data on viewer engagement, you can simultaneously run your video content across multiple platforms and channels (e.g., webinars, social media, product pages)

Add Clickable Links

A video CRO technique that enhances the user’s shopping or browsing experience is to add links. Live Link technology can be embedded to make your video interactive. This allows you to add hotspots to your video to allow viewers to click on specific parts and redirect them to the product page.

A lead capture form is another item that you can add to your video for optimizing the conversion rate. To insert a lead capture page at any time in your video, you can use the Turnstile feature (a Wistia offering). This feature can be used to either lock your video content or to offer it to viewers who wish to receive updates from you company.

High-Converting Video Content Creation

Although videos can be quick to grab users’ attention, it takes a great clip to keep them interested and to entice them into subscribing to your channel or purchasing your product. It is crucial to make your video stand out amongst the many choices available on the internet for your target audience. These are some ways to create a video that converts well.

Hiring a professional

You will be able to trust a company with years of experience and technical knowledge to deliver the required video marketing services. Video production companies that offer full-service can handle all aspects of video production, including delivery and creative services.

Personalize your thumbnail

Smiles are a sign of friendliness and openness. Consider using someone smiling on your thumbnail. Online tools can assist you in creating a captivating video thumbnail.

Make your video concise, entertaining and fun!

Keep your videos short and to the point. Users lose interest quickly. Engage your viewers immediately to keep them watching.

Please provide product information

Show your product from multiple angles. Give as much detail as you can about it. You should include information about the product’s features and benefits, durability, ease-of-use, shipping and returns, as well as details about how it was shipped and returned.

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