How can you keep your small business moving in a post-pandemic society?
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How can you keep your small business moving in a post-pandemic society?

The COVID-19 pandemic compromised the safety of our customers and employees. A few organizations were forced to close down, while consumer behaviour changes meant that it became risky and costly for others to pivot their businesses. 2020 was enough for any business owner to run for the hills. Unfortunately, all company owners’ issues last year will not disappear soon.

Top tip: bookmark this page and return to it later when you might need a little more inspiration/motivation to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move your business forward.

Make your website more current

This article will give you an idea of the changes you can make to your website after COVID-19. It is about ensuring that your visitors are informed and feel like your website has authority.

Need help updating your website in a post-COVID-19 environment?

No matter if the pandemic has affected the website, every website should add a COVID-19 declaration to its homepage, header, and footer. If you have an e-commerce website or a physical location, now is a good time to build your online inventory, update images, and create tantalizing product descriptions.

Social media can be a powerful tool to increase your reach

When you are a busy business owner, updating your social media accounts can feel tedious. In the months ahead, it is important to ensure your social media accounts are current, attractive, and contain a good amount of content.

Optimize your profiles so they appear in search results. Also, try to drive traffic to the site whenever possible. You can get help developing a content strategy to your social media accounts.

Testimonials and reviews

It is easier to build a positive online reputation if your business receives regular testimonials and reviews. Ask customers and clients to rate your experience online on Google, Yelp, or another site like Yelp.

No matter how positive or negative the review, you must reply to each comment with a friendly, professional response. To encourage people to trust you and ultimately convert, add a testimonials page.


It’s more than just beating your competitors. Collaboration is a huge benefit for small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, it’s a great idea to form strong alliances in your industry to help you move your company to the next level.

We are sorry if you think collaborations are just a giveaway on social media or an online contest. They are so much more. Top tip: Giveaways don’t work so don’t waste your time.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is the best reporting tool for business owners. It’s simple and easy to use, and you can track statistics you didn’t know existed.

To install Google Analytics on your website, you need to create a Google account and enter all your business information. Then, add the code in your HTML. We can help you set this up if you don’t have the technical skills. We can also track your data and create detailed reports that include specific actions and recommendations on how to improve.

Google Analytics allows you to track who visits your website, for how long, what they do, and whether or not they convert.

Keep your ears open to the ground

The last tip we have is to keep up-to-date with industry news in your area. You need to be aware of the major players in your industry and pay attention to your customers.

In the last 12 months, consumer trends have changed in unprecedented ways. Toilet roll manufacturers and hand sanitizer producers are now rubbing their hands to clean them. This has helped small businesses to maximize their profits by jumping on the click-and collect and home delivery bandwagons. You can beat the competition in 2021 if you keep your business practices flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Independent businesses have not had an easy year. You may have struggled to adapt, even if your revenue has increased, you are a part of an emerging trend or you have a higher customer satisfaction.

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