Job Spec 

Prepare our client's online brand magazine for re-launch, improve workflow efficiency, help the client produce more 'sharable' content -without compromising the brand's ethos and integrity - increase social media engagement and web traffic.

What we did

Traffic to the Online Brand Magazine’s website increased by 235% within one month of Socialee taking on the project

In preparation for the online brand magazine's re-launch we created a sustainable long-term digital content strategy which covered content production, workflow efficiency, marketing and consumer reaction.

We began by analysing the management and publishing processes of the online magazine. Our workflow evaluation identified several effective changes that made the publication process more efficient. 

We created a Governance document, identifying who was responsible for what in the production and publication process to ensure effective use of time and resources.

Our content audit highlighted the elements of the publication that led to the highest page views. We further identified ineffective content, and began to publish 'sharable' content designed to increase the magazine's readership without compromising the brand's ethos and integrity.

Following our initial success we were hired to manage the magazine’s long-term digital content management and direction. Within five months website traffic increased by another 539%

We examined the online magazine's metadata and SEO effectiveness. We created strategy documents which were made available to all magazine staff and writers to ensure that all future articles published met SEO needs. 

The online magazine is the content hub of our client's social media community.

We incorporated the creation of title images and visuals into the publication schedule for all articles to ensure the online magazine content had the maximum reach, likes and shares on social media.

Customer Testimonial

“Socialee have made great improvements to our online magazine. They quickly identified content that engaged our audience, and dramatically increased our web traffic. Victoria [Socialee Media Director] is always willing to go that extra mile.”
— Managing Director, The Online Magazine

Packages employed

Note: All packages are tailored to meet client's individual needs. 

Social Media Visuals

A selection of the artwork produced by Socialee as part of our campaign to increase our client's social media engagement and increase web traffic.

Custom 800 x 800 pixel dimensions.

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