Winnipeg Search Engine Optimization
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Winnipeg Search Engine Optimization

One of the Winnipeg search engine optimization strategies we offer is organic SEO or as others put it, “traditional SEO” or natural SEO. Organic SEO basically refers to techniques and procedures applied to make a website rank naturally on search engine results and be visible to searching customers for FREE. Organic search engine optimization is the foundation of any successful internet marketing campaign due to the high rate of return on investment.

When done properly, this can result to a substantial increase in search engine visibility which in return, will give your business a continuous flow of organic search engine traffic of people who are already searching for the solutions that your business offers. Our organic Winnipeg search engine optimization service focuses in shaping your website into a high-relevant, keyword focused, well-optimized website that gets found on natural search engine results for the  words that your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours online.

Why Organic SEO?

Ranking your website organically eliminates the need to pay for advertisements to appear on top of search engine results for your target keywords. This means, once your website gets established on search engine results, your business appears in front of the eyes of your target audience each time they search for businesses like yours on the internet, without ever having to pay for advertisements to be there.

Of course, we’re NOT saying that pay per click advertisements doesn’t work, they do work but only to a certain extent. According to a study conducted by Consultancy, PPC only accounts for 6% of total search clicks, this means that 94% of online searchers click on organic search results!

Our Winnipeg Search Engine Optimization Process

  • Website Audit Each Winnipeg search engine optimization campaigns we handle starts with an in-depth technical analysis of a company’s existing website. We check for duplicate content (www vs non-www),  robots.txt, xml sitemap, meta, title, page url structures, broken links, internal and outbound links, site structure, rich snippets and more.
  • Google Analytics Setup Google analytics tracks the performance of your website on the search engine results for each of your targeted keywords. Installing Google analytics on your website will give us a baseline on the current health of your website and will help us keep track of the effects of the improvements we’re making.
  • Keyword Research Keyword research determines the exact words or phrases that your potential customers are using when searching for businesses like your on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most business owners think that people searching for their business automatically types in their brand or business name on the search engine. While this is true for people who already know about your business, this is simple NOT applicable for the majority of online searchers, not unless if you already have a popular brand but then again, if you think of it, even big brands like Home Depot, Staples, and Walmart still invest on search engine optimization, using the exact keywords customers use to find their business other than their brand names. This is because they attract far more leads targeting the exact keywords that their prospects are using online instead of simply search engine optimizing their website for their brand names. As a small business without a brand name advantage, targeting the right keywords is doubly important for your business. Without proper keyword research, you end up writing pages after pages of untargeted content that no one ever searches online which is a waste of time and money, if you’re paying for content pages for your website.
  • SEO Competitive Analysis An SEO competitive analysis will help us analyze how strong your search engine competition is, what strategies and factors that put them on top of search results. This is basically an “x-ray” of your top Google competitors, revealing opportunities that we can exploit to help your website dominate the search results.
  • On-site Optimization We will make a number of recommendations to turn your website into a search engine friendly web property that search engines will love. Depending on your current SEO efforts, we may suggest changes on your website architecture, body text, URL structure, internal links, title, meta, and image descriptions, footer structure, heading tag, xml maps, robots.txt file, redirects and more. The goal is to make your website highly relevant to the keywords we uncover in our keyword research.
  • Link Building While a highly-relevant keyword rich website is an excellent SEO strategy, it will NOT take you anywhere near the first page of the search engine results for your target keywords. In-pointing links from quality, relevant, authority websites will help you get top rankings. The knowledge we gathered from the competitive analysis stage will help us identify the best link building opportunities for your website but we don’t stop there, we go beyond simply getting you the same links as your competitors. We conduct extensive link prospecting to get you unique link opportunities that’s beyond your competitors’ links network.
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Effective search engine optimization isn’t a one time, thank you ma’am deal. One time SEO can only get your website so far. Search engines continuously evolve, your competitors will continuously add more backlinks and may continuously build more keyword-focused content pages.To truly deliver results, we prefer forming long term SEO relationships with our Winnipeg clients, this way, we can continuously help you improve your organic search rankings, which results to continued flow of targeted traffic and leads to your business, month after month after month.With ongoing SEO, we work with you with content development, continued link acquisition and keyword research, website search performance monitoring, continued on-site and conversion rate optimization recommendations.

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