How You Can Kill The Social Marketing Crowd With Content
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How You Can Kill The Social Marketing Crowd With Content

Have you been to a party recently? People who bring something to the table are the toast of the town. They get surrounded by everyone who wants to learn more. We might label these people as interesting, amusing or funny. The point is that they brought value in some form. This what makes them attractive. Social advertising is no different. By bringing value to the table you can become valuable. Like the talk of the party you want to be interesting, amusing or funny. No bores allowed, or you might wind up in the corner. Can’t do too much marketing sitting on the sofa in the other room. Follow these tips to kill your social marketing buddies with content.

Blog Posts

Do you run a blog? Tweet your posts, FB share them and share on any social networking site you may be a member of. Blog frequently. Create fresh and relevant content. Focus on your niche to develop a targeted market.


Article marketing is a prospect driver. Establish yourself as an expert by penning content based articles. Proceed to share them via social marketing. Apply the same rules to article marketing as you would to blogging, with one exception. You can’t lend as much of a personal touch to your work. Ezines follow certain protocols when it comes to what you can publish. Follow the rules and continue to kill them with content.


Videos are a phenomenal branding tool. Shoot as many videos as you can. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to establishing a physical presence on the web.

Create, don’t compete.

All the smiley faces:) in the world can’t create the feeling of seeing a warm, human smile on video. You can make a connection more easily with a person than a:)

Sharing Other’s Social Stuff

Sharing is caring. Brownie points are had by those who promote others as much as they promote themselves. Everybody likes a giver. By promoting others your stuff gets promoted. It’s a simple and clean formula. Put the afterburners on your social marketing campaign by sticking to these exercises.

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