Pittsburgh Marketing Blog To Now Feature Local Business Owners
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Pittsburgh Marketing Blog To Now Feature Local Business Owners

PittsburghMarketing.net, currently nearing its one year anniversary, has been bringing the city of Pittsburgh powerful insider marketing information daily. Now, the blog will be expanding to feature interviews and perspectives from prominent Pittsburgh business owners and other organizational leaders. It’s a move to expand the offerings of the site and provide sound business advice from many successful and beloved Pittsburghers.

Sponsored and piloted by The Dines Group, a integrated marketing communications company based in Pittsburgh, the marketing blog with a spin unique to the city covers all types of marketing and advertising, and is written in a style that applies to entrepreneurs both big and small. It’s updated multiple times a week, and provides articles covering both marketing fundamentals and cutting-edge technology. After years of working for high-end international businesses in Los Angeles, I returned to my hometown to find that Pittsburgh businesses haven’t incorporated as much meaningful marketing into their business plans as they should, says Dines Group CEO and blog founder Ter Dines.

With businesses facing smaller budgets and longer work hours, I wanted to start something that would give them the edge to continue to make our city great. That edge comes in the form of a no-nonsense, erudite smorgasbord of information that covers all aspects of the world of marketing: SEO, Web design, traditional advertising, data analytics, billboard advertising, email campaigns, public relations, mobile, social media, television, radio, marketing strategy and so much more. We are glad to start featuring interviews and stories from the leaders of Pittsburgh’s most recognized organizations. We want our city to have an online think tank, fed by the very people who have made this city great, says Colette Kooper, VP of Public Relations for The Dines Group.

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