The Enticement of Breadcrumbs for Your Website and Google Seo!
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The Enticement of Breadcrumbs for Your Website and Google Seo!

You must have definitely read the famous fictional story of Hansel and Gretel in your childhood. We all know how the smart children left a trail of breadcrumbs along the jungle’s way to find their way around. Well, this concept of leaving breadcrumbs across the path for a better reach was adopted cleverly by the SEO experts to help Google crawl on your website easily. And not just Google, even your viewers and readers can find their way easily in your website and even on other sites thanks to these breadcrumbs. So, aren’t you curious to know more about the unique concept of breadcrumbs in SEO?

The proper ways to add breadcrumbs to get the best benefits from them.

If you have an active website, you might know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for its growth and proper working. And breadcrumbs are an essential part of this strategy. These help a lot in bringing your website to the top charts. Mostly, when you hire a reputable and reliable SEO agency in Birmingham like Just Web Services, they’ll tackle these breadcrumbs and even other factors of your website that will ultimately bring your website to the top. But in case you want to get a better idea about breadcrumbs and their functionality, read on:

  • Hierarchy of breadcrumbs— These types of breadcrumbs are basically the ones that are placed systematically or chronologically on your website. Like the Home – Category — Sub Category, etc. This mostly gets highlighted on the very first page of your website and provides convenient navigation from the central page towards other sections to your readers. Because of its systematic arrangement, it’s called a hierarchy of breadcrumbs.
  • Breadcrumbs based on attributions — These breadcrumbs are mostly used on e-commerce sites. These provide your customers easy access to their preferred type of product. Like, it goes from Products — color — Size, etc. Include these kinds of breadcrumbs on your product’s page and let your customers get access to their preferences easily for better experience on your site.
  • The history of breadcrumbs— Such breadcrumbs let the readers have quicker access to what they have browsed or may browse. This is a very important part of your website that provides constant information to your readers through this navigation and saves them the inconvenience of refreshing the home page again and again.

The advantages of adding breadcrumbs to your website!

You definitely aren’t going to take so much effort to add breadcrumbs in various parts of your website if there weren’t anything good in it. If you want to know the advantages of using breadcrumbs, then read on.

  • Better user experience— Who doesn’t like shortcuts? So, when you are adding breadcrumbs to your website, you are actually providing easy shortcuts to your readers to move on. Definitely, they love this easy access throughout the website and explore or stay more on this page. After all, being user-friendly is one of the key pointers to top the chart.
  • Google search advantages — With lots of breadcrumbs placed appropriately in proper positions in your website or on other Google pages, you get a maximum number of clicks by your audience. This obviously helps in improving your ranks and the Google search engine crawls towards your website more frequently. This is excellent for your website’s growth and also visibility.
  • Low bounce rates — Do you know that many readers actually bounce back from your website because they don’t find easily what they’re looking for? Today when managing time is such a struggle, the breadcrumbs actually help in providing your readers their desired sections easily and thus the bounce rate decreases as well.

If we sum up properly, breadcrumbs are those magical formulae that actually bring lots of perks to your website if they are used appropriately. Hope you will think about it and go upwards on your Google rank through them while letting your viewers enjoy visiting your website thanks to these breadcrumbs. But the right application of the formula is vital (just like in mathematics!) So, it’s best if experts handled the matter (we don’t want any DIY goof-ups, right?!). 

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