Job Spec

Raise awareness of the client's global travel opportunities via social media and integrated digital content publishing. Produce a comprehensive long-term strategy and provide the client’s in-house marketing team with in-depth social media training giving them the ability to maintain the strategy in-house.

What we did

We assessed the client’s current online presence, target audience and goals and the time their marketing team could commit to social and digital marketing per week.

We produced a comprehensive document outlining various routes forward, including the pros and cons. We worked with the client to finalise a strategy, which integrated content marketing into their social media marketing.  We guided the client through the process of establishing a platform to publish digital content. 

We trained the in-house staff using purpose-made training documents, planners and resources

The client's in-house marketing team were provided with intensive social media and social media marketing training using purpose-made training documents, planners and resources. We set-up efficient workflows based on the client's existing reources, budget and time-commitments to streamline the content creation and social marketing processes.

We then guided the team through the strategy launch, supporting them as they put the techniques we had taught them into practice.

We now work with the client once a month; each month we monitor their social and digital media output and provide them with a detailed analytics, feedback and recommendation report. We hold a monthly planning meeting to plan the next month's strategy, go over the report, suggest strategy alterations and improvements, design new campaigns and keep them up-to-date with changes to the social and digital media landscape. 

Our monthly reports and meetings ensure the in-house team stays on target and maintains the strong online presence we initially helped them to establish. We thrive on our client's success and are never further than a phone call away.

Packages employed

Note: All packages are tailored to meet client's individual needs. 

Social Media Visuals

A selection of the Visuals produced by Socialee to promote campaigns and competitions as part of our client's social media launch campaign.

Custom dimensions produced for specific social media platforms.

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